I'm Sharief I can Help You In Building A Resilient And Flexible Finance Function For Your Start-up or Scale-up.

The finance departement is sometimes the last department to think about. But a resilient and flexible finance function can add enormous value to your company on operational- and strategical level.

Let’s meet and I’ll talk you through it! 

About me

I am Sharief Mohamed, I have over 10 years experience in Finance. I started my career as an Auditor at KPMG. My main clients were midsize and large retail- and production companies. After obtaining my CPA title it was time for me to leave the safe environment of a corporate giant and head out.

I knew that I wanted to work for a start- or scale-up. I ended up at Wayne Parker Kent in the function of Finance Manager. At Wayne Parker Kent I successfully set up the finance function and eventually working together with the CFO to sell the company to Mediahuis. After my experience at Wayne Parker Kent, I started at Otrium.

At Otrium I was end responsible for all financial, legal and tax operations in the function of Head of Finance, Legal and Tax. Building the finance-, legal- and tax function from scratch and guiding Otrium through the Series B 24M (2020) and the Series C 100M (2021).

After Otrium I set up Bhoujé and freelanced along side my fulltime job as a CFO/COO for Lalaland uses neural networks (Artificial Intelligence) to create diverse, inclusive, and gender-fluid non-existing metahumans for digital fashion brands to showcase collections to buyers, sellers, merchandisers, and consumers on models which actually look like their customers.

As a CFO/COO of Lalaland I was responsible for Finance, Legal, Tax, Marketing and HR. Including Investor relations and funding.

Currently (2024) I am open for small freelance gigs while I am exploring entrepreneurial opportunities with the goal of finding a new exciting adventure. 

I set up Bhoujé to provide freelance financial advisory services for start- and scale-up’s on setting up a resilient and flexible finance function (finance, legal and tax) which can grow with the company, add value through data and insights and strengthen the overall performance of the company.

Curious On How I Can Help Your Start-up / Scale-up?

What do clients say?

“Sharief and I have been intensively working together for a few months. During this time, he has helped scaling up the financial department of Productpine. Sharief has a deep understanding of financial processes and has been of great value in improving several financial frameworks. Sharief is very enthusiastic and the collaboration has been of great pleasure. Definitely recommending his services for start and scale-ups!”

CEO / Co-Founder
Productpine B.V.

“It’s been six months since I first started working with Sharief. He joined us to help us create the finance department and his sharp knowledge, broad experience and management skills have taken our finance department to the next level already. He understands what a growing company needs and he has provided us a path to follow in terms of structure and controls to implement. Not only he’s been a tremendous leader to perform an internal audit to ensure a good, clean and solid admin structure, but also he’s been a great mentor, making sure we scale-up in the healthiest and smartest way, both as a business and as a team. “

Financial Controller
Ekster Wallets Inc.

Curious On How I Can Help Your Start-up / Scale-up?

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